Pigment chrome effect SAPPHIRE

  • code: DEPC13
For best results after curing the color GELacquer apply one layer of GELacquer Express Top and cure for 30 seconds under UV LED light or for 90 seconds under UV light. With your finger or with make up applicator rub enough quantity of the pigments with one direction moves (only up or only down) on the nails until you get a shiny smooth surface without grains. The circular moves are not recommended. Remove with soft dust brush the excess of the pigment and cover with a layer of GELacquer Flexible Top. Cure under UV LED light for 30 seconds or under UV light for 2 minutes.
IMPORTANT! The effect on the picture was applied over black base color. If you apply over light base the result will be only a nice shade.
The steps are advisables. You can try other techniques to achieve the desired results.