Home Pedicure Kit

  • code: PSK011
Practical and convenient, this kit provides everything you need for first-class pedicure support at home:
- SNB Refreshing Foot Bath – 2 single doses x 15 g;
- SNB Callus Removal Spray 110 ml – softens callused skin areas and makes their removal easier. Application: Spray on the callus areas until moist and wait 3-4 minutes, after that remove the softened skin with a file. If necessary, spray again. After removing the calluses, rinse the feet with water and finish the procedure with applying Hydrolipid Foot Cream SNB;
- SNB Pedicure White File 100-180 – for even more precise and efficient removal of callused areas on the feet (the heels are treated with the recessed side of the file and the soles and toes with the convex side);
- SNB Hydrolipid Foot Cream with Urea 100 ml – provides optimum hydration, absorbs quickly and leaves a velvety feeling of softness;