Nail Repair UV Gel 5 g

  • code: PSU101
  • VOLUME: 5 G
Effect: The Nail Repair UV Gel with climbazole is made to cover and reconstruct damaged nails as a result of disease or deformation. It improves the aestethetic appearance of natural nails and protects them from fungal infections thanks to the added climbazole. For better results it is recommended to apply Protective Lotion with Clotrimazole twice per day.
Application: FPrepare the damaged area with an electric nail drill. Clean the nails with Active Nail Solution SNB. Apply a layer of Nail Repair UV Gel with climbazole with a brush onto the damaged nail to make the surface even, or a thicker layer, if needed. Cure for 90 sec in UV LED light. Remove the tacky layer with UV Gel Finishing Wipe SNB.
Attention: Some clients may feel heat while the gel us being cured.line and the free edge. Must be used over FLASH UV Gel Clear. Apply FLASH UV Gel Snow White in several thin layers to ensure complete cure.