Callous Remover 500 ml

  • code: PSP131
  • VOLUME: 500 ML
Active ingredients: Urea
Effect: Callous Remover foam is non-alkaline product which accelerates the process of softening the horned skin areas thanks to its ingredients Sodium Carbonate and Urea. It is developed to clean nail fold and cuticles and to remove foot callosities. For professional use only.
Application: For cleaning nail fold: Apply Callous Remover in the area of nail fold and cuticles and leave for about ten minutes. With a cuticle pusher tool push back the nail fold and remove cuticles. For removing foot callosities: Apply enough quantity of Callous Remover on the horned skin foot areas and put polyethylene bag or foil on foot. Leave for 10-15 minutes to soften the skin. Remove the dead soft tissue using a file.