Dead Skin Remover Gel SNB 1 L

  • code: PSP112
  • VOLUME: 1000 ML
Effect: Тhe Dead Skin Remover gel contains alkaline components which soften quickly hard skin areas on foot. Significantly facilitates the pedicurist as it ensures easy removal of horned skin without using mechanical force. The high density of the product makes it easier for use and rather safe than other similar liquid products.
Application: Apply a decent amount of gel on cotton or gauze pads and put only on hardened skin areas on the feet. Wrap the foot in a plastic bag or in polyethylene foil. Leave the product to work for 10-15 minutes. Remove the softened tissue with the help of a plastic spatula. Spray the treated areas with pH balance pedicure lotion and rinse with water afterwards. It is advised to clean the treated area with scrub and to apply pH balance pedicure cream. During application use safety gloves.